Wednesday, July 27, 2011

FingerPaints Fall 2011

Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

Today I have swatches of FingerPaints' Fall Fashionista Collection for Fall 2011, which will be available at Sally Beauty Supply in August in stores and online.  For the swatches, all are two coats of color over a base coat and finished with Poshe, which I allowed to dry for about five minutes before I took a picture in sunlight.

Fall Fashionista is a collection of nine cremes, and they're all incredibly nice to apply.  The formula is very smooth and even to work with, and it's so well pigmented that only two of the nine shades actually needed the two coats of color I used.  The remaining seven were even an opaque at one thin coat, but I added a second because I prefer the look of two coats on my nails (I have ridges, they don't show with the second coat).  However, for nail art stamping, layering, pretty much anything other than wearing the polish alone, one coat would be just fine for me.

Catwalk Queen is a weird-in-a-good-way sort of Dijon mustard colored creme, and it's one of the two that really needed both coats to achieve the color in the bottle.  My middle nail is not shiny here because my nails fogged up from the heat and humidity, and that went unnoticed until I was selecting pictures.

FingerPaints Catwalk Queen
FingerPaints Catwalk Queen Nail Polish, Two Coats

Military Green is a really cool one - it's the same color as U.S Army uniforms, that green with a touch of grey mixed into it.  It's good at one coat, but here's a picture of two.

FingerPaints Military Green
FingerPaints Military Green Nail Polish, Two Coats

To-teally Chic (that's the press release spelling, the label says "To-telly Chic," but it looks like a sample label, so we'll know which it is when they're at Sally's) is a vivid teal creme.  I believe this is the nicest teal creme that $4.99 will buy you .  Again, one thin coat was even and opaque for me, but the picture is of two coats.

FingerPaints To-teally Chic
FingerPaints To-teally Chic Nail Polish, Two Coats

Purple Pinstripe is a very pretty muted purple creme, and like most of the others, the color was great in one coat.  The second gives a little more depth and a lot more shine, so here's two coats of Purple Pinstripe (and I see the bottom finger's nail fogged up).

FingerPaints Purple Pinstripe
FingerPaints Purple Pinstripe Nail Polish, Two Coats

Haute Taupe is a soft light brown creme, a good basic polish.

FingerPaints Haute Taupe
FingerPaints Haute Taupe Nail Polish, Two Coats

Raspberry Taffeta, a really gorgeous berry shade, is one of my favorites.  A couple of months ago I was looking for an article of clothing, and in that process noticed for the very first time that at least half of my clothing that's not black or white at least includes this shade.  It seems I'm a big fan!

FingerPaints Raspberry Taffeta
FingerPaints Raspberry Taffeta Nail Polish, Two Coats

Vintage Velvet is another contender for the Favorite position, a muted blue green creme.  It's an unusual, modern, very pretty shade.

FingerPaints Vintage Velvet
FingerPaints Vintage Velvet Nail Polish, Two Coats

Stunning Stilettos, a grey creme, is the other one that really needed a second coat (so I needed two for Catwalk Queen and Stunning Stilettos, all seven others could have gotten away with one coat of color).  It's a good grey creme.

FingerPaints Stunning Stilettos
FingerPaints Stunning Stilettos Nail Polish, Two Coats

Last but very definitely not least is the one I am wearing, Cordur-Orange (I know the name looks silly, say it out loud and it makes sense).  It's a Fall orange that brings to mind maple leaves changing and apple cider for me, but somehow FingerPaints avoided doing to Cordur-Orange whatever OPI did to Ginger Bells because Cordur-Orange is pretty.  It's the one I'm wearing today.

FingerPaints Cordur-Orange
FingerPaints Cordur-Orange Nail Polish, Two Coats

That's all of them.  My sense of the collection as a whole is that it's perfect for Fall, and several of the colors are an interesting take on a more ordinary shade.  The quality of the polishes is exceptional, and the application is amazing.  I don't have a favorite picked out yet because there are four battling for it, and since I'll change my mind about it tomorrow anyhow I haven't really put the screws to myself to sort that one out.

That's what I know about FingerPaints Fall Fashionista Collection for 2011, so until next time, love and nail polish to you!

*FingerPaints Fall Fashionista was sent by Sally Beauty supply for independent honest review.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Konad Sky Pearl Special Polish & m63

Good morning, Dear Reader!

This morning I did a manicure that came to mind the other day when I came across my Konad Sky Pearl Special Polish, and it turned out really well.  Not perfect, but I like it well enough that I don't especially care that it's imperfect.

I started out with Orly Frolic, the lovely two coat purple creme, which I thought would look really cool with Sky Pearl stamped over it.  For the pattern to stamp, I used the swirly one from Konad plate m63 that looks a lot like water marbling.  Since I liked how it was coming out off the bat, I used a coat of Konad top coat to prevent any smudges prior to finishing it off with Poshe.  Here's Orly Frolic with m63 in Konad Sky Pearl in the sun.

Konad Sky Pearl Special Polish
Konad Sky Pearl Special Polish over Orly Frolic with Konad Plate m63

You can see the the pearl finish in the Special Polish is very subtle - this is in sunlight, and the shimmer doesn't really show otherwise.  What I like about the Konad Pearl polishes (Black, White, Sky, Violet, ...) is that they don't seem to smudge anywhere near as easily as the cremes and they make exceptionally crisp stamps.

That's all for today, Dear Reader, so until next time, love and nail polish to you!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sephora by OPI Nail Art Decals

Good morning, Dear Reader!

Today's manicure seemed like a good opportunity to give you a closer look at Sephora by OPI nail art decals, so that's just what I have in store.

I started out with the intention of a hot weather manicure, and the first polish that appealed to me for that was Misa Sandals, Flip Flops and Hip Hop, which is kind of an red-pink-coral neon creme.  It took three coats of color, which is pretty good for a neon.  It's really pretty on its own, but just a bit plain, so I went looking for something to spruce it up a bit and ran into my Sephora by OPI Hello Kitty nail art decals.  I specifically recall how impressed with their quality I was when I last used them, and since I see Sephora is offering a greater variety of nail art decals now, I thought I'd show you just what I found to be so impressive about them.

I used a total of three decals from two packs on an accent nail, which is a little much, but this manicure really turned into a decal demo.  The three I chose were a rhinestone flower, a butterfly with a trail of tiny rhinestones behind it, and a plain Hello Kitty Face, and I chose those three to have one of each type (only rhinestone, with rhinestones, no rhinestones).  To apply them, for each I loosened the decal from its paper backing by bending the paper to expose an edge, used an orange stick to lift the decal up by the just-freed edge, lining it up just above the nail, then placing it with the orange stick and patting it down.  The last step was to gently press each down with a right-hand finger, then I sealed them with a coat of Revlon Color Stay Top Coat and one of Poshe.  I took close-up pictures from several angles that are really not the most flattering of either my nails or the manicure, but their purpose is to illustrate how perfectly smooth the decals lie on the nail, so that's what we're looking for here.

First, the whole manicure.  Here, you can get a sense of how easy the Sephora by OPI decals are to work with - they don't stick to things or get bent when I remove them from their backing, and they're very, very thin so they shape to the nail nicely when they're placed.

Sephora by OPI Nail Art Decals
Sephora by OPI Nail Art Decals over Misa Sandals, Flip Flops and Hip Hop Nail Polish

Here, the accent nail is pointing at the camera so you can see how flat the decals lie across a curved nail, so they don't catch or snag on anything.

Sephora by OPI Nail Art
Sephora by OPI Nail Art Decals Lying Very Flat

These two side views illustrate the same point with a better view of the rhinestones, which are often problematic in decals and are not here.

_Sephora by OPI Nail Decals
Sephora by OPI Rhinestone Flower and Hello Kitty Nail Art Decals

Sephora by OPI Decals
Sephora by OPI Rhinestone Butterfly and Hello Kitty Nail Art Decals

I have no idea why I didn't notice that the last picture was 90° off from the others until this very moment, maybe because my finger's going in the opposite direction.  That's okay, I trust that it shows the same thing...

I bought these because, well, they were $5 and had both rhinestones and Hello Kitty .  When I opened them, I felt a little ripped off at the little sheet of decals for $5, and how having used them twice, I've completely reversed that sentiment.  Most decals (with the exception of Konad's, which I've mentioned how much I like)) are a fight for me to apply without messing up a nail, then about 90% of the time the decal flattens back out and the edges of it pop up off my nail after top coat and before they're dry, so all they accomplish is completely destroying a manicure.  I haven't shown you many (if any) stick-on decals in almost three years, and I have used them a handful of times only to have such a complete failure that I didn't leave it long enough for a picture.  So for me, that means for my $5 I can have five larger packs of decals that don't work, or one small packet of decals that are very easy to apply and wear.

More Sephora by OPI Nail Art Decals are on my wish list because they're such a handy little addition to a manicure, so when the day comes that I have others, I'll give you a look.  Until next time, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!